Isaac's Repository of Links

Lindy Effect + Taleb

Albert Goldman: Lindy's Diner

Nassim Taleb: Fat Tails Research Project

Paul Skallas: Lindy Newsletter

Health, et cetera

Real Food in California

Mike Mew: Interview with Bret Weinstein

Guru Anarobic: Health as Insurance

Bureau of Investigation: Paul Bragg. Paul Bragg was far ahead of his time.

Atrazine induces complete feminization in frogs

Documentary: Return to Eden

Alexandre Family Farms: Regenerative Organic Certified Dairy in US

Long Form


Milton Friedman: Negative Income Tax

Milton Friedman: Free to Choose (10 Volume Video Series)


John Taylor Gatto: Ultimate History Lesson

Documentary: The Century of the Self (Part 2)

Cultural Commentary

EconTalk: Sherry Turkle with Russ Roberts

Eric Clopper: American Love Story

Socrates in the City: Peter Thiel

Uncommon Knowledge: Peter Thiel with Peter Robinson


Patrick Winston: How to Speak

Charlie Munger: The Psychology of Human Misjudgement

Massad Ayoob: Judicious Use of Deadly Force

Need a Home

Reinforcement Learning and Dopamine

Judea Pearl: on ML Paradigm

Meg Jay: The Defining Decade

Simon DeDeo: The Algorithm Will Find You (The 11th Reason to Delete your Social Media Account)

Movie: Vertigo (1958). Insane.